Terms and Conditions for Scratch-Card Campaign „Kit-Run 2020“

Translations of these rules are provided only as an aid. In case of ambiguities or conflicts between translations, the German text shall prevail.
The german text can be found here:

1. Lottery
The organizer of the competition is Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG, Nordenhamer Str. 177, 27751 Delmenhorst, Germany.
From 06.12.2019 the action "Kit-Run 2020" takes place. As part of this limited-time action, every customer who receives a delivery from us will receive scratch tickets. The number of scratch tickets depends on the value of the goods. Each 25.00 Euro gross value, one lot will be added to the order. A maximum of 10 lots per order will be enclosed.
There is no legal claim to the specified scratch cards.
The scratch cards are available while supplies last. In any case, up to 31.12.2019 lots will be added.

2. Participation and exclusion

    Participation in the competition is free.
    Eligible are persons who are 18 years or older.
    Participation via raffle clubs or other commercial service providers is excluded.

3. Execution and notification of winners

    By participating, the participant accepts these conditions of participation.
    Each scratch card is provided with a scratch field. The participants rub the scratch field free and find out immediately which prize is behind it.
    Only one scratch-off prize coupon can be redeemed per order.
    A cash payment of the prizes is excluded.

4. Pizes
The following prizes will be raffled:

    2000 x MBK pen
    1550 x MBK mug
    1000 x 5.00 Euro voucher
    250 x MBK tape set
    200 x 10,00 Euro voucher
    140 x 88031 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88032 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88033 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88034 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88036 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88037 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    140 x 88038 Panzerstahl Hetzer
    10 x 25,00 Euro voucher
    5 x 50,00 Euro voucher
    3 x 100,00 Euro voucher
    2 x Kit Run (main prize)

5. Liability
A liability of Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG - for whatever legal reason - exists only if a damage was caused by culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) in a way endangering the achievement of the purpose of the contract or is due to intent or gross negligence. If Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG is liable for the breach of an essential contractual obligation without intent or gross negligence, the liability shall be limited to the extent to which Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG will terminate the contract on the basis of typically known to them at that time. The above limitations or exclusions of liability do not apply in the case of culpable injury to life, limb or health, for liability claims under the Product Liability Act or in the case of a contractually agreed indebtedness obligation or if the liability-causing circumstance was fraudulently concealed. Insofar as the liability of Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG is excluded or limited in accordance with the provisions of this disclaimer, this also applies to the personal liability of bodies, employees, representatives and vicarious agents.

6. Expiry of profit entitlements
Main prize
Unless otherwise provided in these Terms and Conditions, the winner is required to report within four (4) weeks of sending the notice. Otherwise the right to profit will be forfeited. The claim to the prize also expires if the transfer of the prize can not be made within four (4) weeks after the first notification of the prize for reasons that lie in the person of the winner.
In any case, the latest date for registration of the claim is 31.01.2020.

The report can be sent by e-mail to or via the contact form and must contain a photo of the winner scratch card. The card must also be brought to the event.

All other prices
Unless otherwise specified in these terms and conditions, all coupon codes are valid until 31.01.2020. Otherwise the right to profit will be forfeited.
For material prizes, the article must be placed by the winner independently in the cart. Only then is it possible to redeem the coupon code in the shop.
The voucher can not be offset with already placed orders. The voucher can only be redeemed via the online shop at, not by phone or by any other means.

7. Costs incurred
Any applicable taxes and fees as well as consequential costs that may arise from the prize are to be borne by the winner.

8. Privacy
The competition itself does not collect any personal data. The personal data is only collected when the order is placed. The shop specified data protection regulations apply.

Jackpot event
By participating in the kit-run event, you agree that photos and videos will be made and published during the event
Locally, you must sign a statement to us and agree that we may publicly disclose your name in connection with the kit-run event by us or third parties in online media such as websites and social media.
The winners grant us the right for free, temporally and locally without restriction for the purpose of reporting on the competition, its application or presentation of the prize event by us or by third parties in online media (eg on websites and in social media) or in print media to reproduce, distribute, make available to the public, protect the privacy rights of the participants as well as the exercise of these rights on commissioned third parties, such as technical service providers.

The processing of personal data of winners, based on our legitimate interest serves the security of the sweepstake or the protection of our interests against misuse by possible collection of IP addresses when submitting sweepstakes contributions. The data of the participants will only be transmitted to other parties if this is necessary for the performance of the competition.

9. Early termination and exclusion from the competition

    Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to change the conditions of participation at any time without justification and without prior notice, to terminate or interrupt the raffle in whole or in part if there is an important reason for doing so.
    Modellbaukönig GmbH & Co. KG expressly reserves the right to exclude participants who violate these terms and conditions from participation.
    False and / or incorrect information can lead to exclusion from the competition.

10. No cash payment and legal recourse
The winnings can not be paid in cash. The legal process is excluded; the rights from the privacy policy remain unaffected.

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