Message in the shopping cart: No valid shipping and payment terms could be determined for the order.

The message „No valid shipping and payment terms could be determined for the order.“ was displayed at the checkout in the shop and you have no payment method to choose from?


There are two main reasons for this:

Reason: The minimum order value was not reached. (International Shipping)

There is no minimum order value within Germany and we send all orders with the respective shipping costs.

For shipping to various other countries, however, there is sometimes a minimum order value. Often this is 40,00 Euros.*
As soon as you have placed products with a goods value of 40,00 Euro* in your shopping cart, the shop offers you the available payment methods.

*You can view the value of goods from which delivery is possible in the shop at any time. Visit this page and select the delivery country you want:

Reason: The selected delivery option prevents the selection of payment methods.

Please check the selected delivery option in your shopping cart.

If you choose the option „Ship available items now, send not available items later. (Extra shipping costs will be applied then) Please note: Payment by PayPal, Credit Card, Cash in Advance or SOFORT will not be offered in the next step if you select this option.“, the following payment methods will no longer be offered to you at the checkout:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Cash in Advance

International Shipping:
If delivery is to be made abroad, in many cases we only offer you the above-mentioned payment methods. The combination of international delivery address and selected delivery option then leads to the message „No valid shipping and payment terms could be determined for the order.“.

Confined Customer Account:
We may have had to restrict your customer account in the past so that some payment methods are no longer available to you.
In this case, this message can also be displayed for a German delivery address.

Select the delivery option „Ship only when all products are in stock.“ in the shopping cart.

From now on, in the next step, you will again be offered all available payment methods at the checkout.

Further assistance
If you have followed the instructions here and you are still not offered any payment methods at checkout, please send us a message. Our support team will be happy to help you.

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